Winnipeg Design Build

Wondering what a design build company is? Well, as the name implies, a design build company is one that will do the interior design for your project, AND the actual construction of your renovation or new home build . So rather than hiring an interior designer and then hiring a construction company, you can work through a single business called a design-build contractor or design-builder.

Harwood Design Builders is a design-build company established by Certified Master Renovator, Wayne Sage. Wayne has over 30 years of experience in the business and started Harwood with one thing in mind – To create a reliable design build company in Winnipeg where quality is second to none.

So, why hire a design build firm like Harwood? Here are a few reasons a design builder may be exactly what you need for your next project.

Because we design and build your home the design team and the construction teams are all focussed on the same goal. If there are challenges, there’s no pointing fingers. We look for the best solution and move forward. One company is accountable for the entire project, so we pay close attention to pricing and scheduling in the design phase to ensure the entire project costs, time to complete, and the finish product are considered and communicated when the project starts and throughout the process at regular project status meetings.

All construction and renovation projects have hundreds of timelines; from deconstruction, to design, to electricity, painting, plumbers, etc. The design-build process allows for tweaking and rescheduling if necessary, making it highly responsive and efficient.

The client is also empowered in this type of system as they are encouraged to be an active participant from start to finish.

Plus an added bonus of using a design build company like Harwood Design Builders is new friends. We work closely with you through all the steps and stages and we become part of your life during construction, especially if you choose to live in your house during a reno. You, your family and your family pets become part of our lives during the project and beyond.

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